Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding which law firm will represent your case is incredibly important. Choosing the right firm and experienced attorneys could make big difference in your case. Specialists who work in A2ZLAWYERS have over 40 years of combined work experience and know all the peculiarities of fraud victim cases. No matter how complicated your case is we can dedicate all the appropriate resources and time to manage your case.

Our areas of practice include, but are not limited to dealing with cybercrimes, tax frauds, brokerage and trading frauds, customs and trade frauds, government contractor frauds, romance scams, identity thefts, embezzlement, credit card frauds, illegal-billing and cost-shifting frauds, lottery frauds, securities and stock market frauds and many more. If you want a competent lawyer with experience handling fraud cases, please contact A2ZLAWYERS today.

A2ZLAWYERS does not charge any fee for the initial consultation. It is completely free and during this meeting, we will discuss all details of the legal process, specifics of the potential case and answer any questions you may have.

It depends on the details of the case, timing, judge and jury members assigned to the case and many other factors. The settlement amounts which we are obtaining on behalf of our clients are satisfactory for the majority of our clients.

In some types of cases, the cardholder may avoid paying for the fraudulent charges. In order to be able to do this, the cardholder must save all relevant billing statements and inform the card issuer within 30 days after receiving such a billing statement.

We always keep track of all of the detailed proceedings in your case. You will be regularly informed of significant developments in your case.

At A2ZLAWYERS we handle each client and each case with a personally tailored approach and we use all our resources to ensure that your case is well-prepared for a successful resolution, whether that occurs by settlement or through trial. Although we always do our best to win your case, we cannot 100% guarantee a successful outcome. All we can guarantee is the highest honesty, complete transparency, and proactive approach to your case.

Some cases can be completed within few months, some may take longer, depending on case's age, complexity, and type of evidence . A2ZLAWYERS team knows how to act swiftly in pursuing fraud-related claims. Even if winning case quickly is not possible we are able to provide strategic advice allowing you to trace and freeze filched assets. As well we have skilled reputation management team, who can use publicity as a tool to assist in finding and recovering your stolen assets.

It is best to file a fraud lawsuit as quickly as possible, so please bring all billing records, proofs of payment, and names of credible witnesses, bank information, and any other relevant documents regarding your case to your initial consultation.

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